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Printers, Copiers and Other Equipment

CASH to CARD (Eagles Access Card)
The Cash to Card machine is located on the library's first floor, next to the self check machine and copier. You may deposit money onto your Eagle Access Card into your Bookstore, Flex, or Munch Money Stored Value Accounts. The Bookstore and Flex Stored Value Accounts are carried over from each semester. Munch Money Stored Value expires after the Spring Semester. The FLEX STUDENT account can be used in the USI Bookstore, Sodexo Food Service operations, USI Rice Library, computer lab printers, copiers, or laundry.

There is a color copier on the first floor along the wall across from the DVD collection, behind Checkout.

The Digi Machines are located on the second floor.

We know connectivity is essential, so the Library provides mobile device charging stations. Stations are available on every floor. You can charge smartphones, tablets, and e-readers while you read, study, or just relax. You don't need to bring your own charger, and there is no fee for charging! A reminder: As with books and your personal belongings, please do not leave devices unattended while charging. The Library is not responsible for lost or damaged devices.

There are black and white printers available on every floor of the library.

  • There is one printer in each of the first floor computer labs.
  • You can pick up your black and white print jobs from any floor.
  • The library's only color printer, is located adjacent to the sixteen PCs in front of Checkout and next to a black/white printer.
  • An Eagle Access Card is needed to print in the library.

Scanners are available in the computer labs on the first floor - they are available on a first come, first serve basis.

On each library floor, near the printer, is a self-check machine. This is part of the circulation/security system, which allows users to check out books on their own by using their Eagle Access Card. Media, reserves, and laptops cannot be checked out there, but circulating books can. Follow the simple screen instructions: touch the screen to start; position your Eagle Access barcode for the machine to read; then let it read the barcode of the book; and finally, pick up your receipt that shows the check out date, titles and barcodes, and the date due. The ability to check out a book on any floor, regardless of when you leave the building, is a convenience and a time-saver for all.

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