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Library Lab Policy

Lab A Availability | Lab B Availability

Library Computer Labs A and B are for student use except when reserved for library instruction and training or in a few instances special university functions such as national standardized tests. They are not available for use by non-library classes (unless specific permission has been granted in advance for an exceptional situation).

  • LABS A and B are not available for faculty-led sessions.
  • LAB A is primarily a teaching lab for library instruction, and closes 15 minutes before each class.
  • LAB B is primarily for student use.
  • LABS A and B close one hour before library closes.
In order to make the most effective use of these computers for all users, please observe the following:
  • Library computers may not be reconfigured.
  • Software may not be added or deleted and settings may not be changed.
  • Computers and furniture are not to be moved.
Guest/Visitors to the Rice Library:
  • Guests who want to see if the library owns a certain book may use one of the computers located to the right of the elevator on each floor.
  • Guests who want to do online research or check personal email at the Rice Library will need to request a guest pass at the checkout counter to be able to log on to a computer.

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