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is a service provided by Rice Library to allow currently enrolled students to reserve group study rooms. To access the service, login to MyUSI and click the "BookIt!" icon under "Eagle Apps".

Dashboard: Where you can reserve a room, find library announcements, view any previous reservations you have made, or cancel a reservation. Hover over any room number and you will see the details about that room.
My Account: View your profile and edit if necessary. Accounts can only be created with your USI email address.
Schedule: See all reservations that already exist for all rooms.  Hover over any room number to see details for that room.
How to book a room:  From your dashboard, click on Create Reservation and choose the date and time you want the room.  You are not required to fill out the Title and Description fields, but you could use something brief, such as: “Anatomy study group”.  You have the option to print your reservation.
Cancelling a reservation: This can be done from your dashboard.  Click on the reservation you no longer need and choose the cancel button shown.
Why is a room listed as unavailable?  The Library could be closed or there may be a maintenance issue with a particular room.  The ability to make a reservation begins 1 hour after the Library opens and ends 3 hours before the Library closes.
Resource Filter: Use this to limit the room size options.  Choose Resource Type and you will see small (2-3 people), medium (2-6 people), and large (2-8 people).
Reservation Rules: You may reserve a room up to 2 hours per day, 6 hours per week, and up to 30 days in advance.  Unreserved rooms may be used, but you will be asked to leave if the room has a reservation.  If you decide you are not going to use the room you reserved, please cancel your reservation. Remember a minimum of 2 people must be present in a reserved room.
Who is eligible to reserve a group study room? Currently-enrolled USI students.

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