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Putting Items on Reserve

Most materials placed on Reserve are selected by faculty as supplemental reading assignments for courses. Typically these may be checked out for use within the library for only two hours at a time. Because these items are under heavy demand during a brief period, the intent is to make them as available as possible to all the students for whom they are assigned. Please note: an Eagle Access Card is required to use all Reserve items.

You may also choose to have some items circulate out of the library from 24 hours to 1 week.

Any assigned readings on Reserve are available to all library users. Preference is given to the students enrolled in the course. Borrowers not enrolled in the course are restricted to using materials within the library.

The Circulation Manager and Reference Staff of Rice Library will assist faculty members in evaluating how copyright affects course reserve materials before including materials in the system. The library encourages all faculty members to become familiar with copyright guidelines.

Electronic Reserves

The library supports instruction with electronic reserves and similar electronic services. The primary function of these services is to assure that students and teachers will have timely access to course-related library resources. Course materials authored by professors, such as syllabi, lecture notes, or exams may be made available on electronic reserves. The following standards apply to use of copyrighted works for electronic reserves:

  • Instructors are responsible for evaluating, on a case-by-case basis, whether the use of a copyrighted work on electronic reserves requires permission or qualifies as a fair use. If it is determined that permission must be sought, the faculty member is responsible for applying for the permission, not the library.
  • Inclusion of materials on electronic reserves will be at the request of the instructor for his or her educational needs.
  • Materials made available on electronic reserves should include a citation to the original source of publication and a form of copyright notice.
  • The instructor, library or other unit of the institution must possess a lawfully obtained copy of any material submitted for electronic reserves.
  • Access to course material on electronic reserves is restricted by username and password to students and instructors in and responsible for the course. The usernames and passwords are to be given out by the instructor, not library staff.
  • Library reserve staff should check to see whether materials submitted for electronic reserves are available through an electronic database or are otherwise legally available. If so, a link will be provided rather than scanning and posting the material.

If you would like more information on copyright:

Instructors may also add their own durable links to database titles and articles to Blackboard course pages.

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