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Purchase Recommendations Procedures

Does the Library already have it?
Before submitting a recommendation, please check the library's catalog, to see if the item you need is already owned by the library or is on order.

Item Approval
Check your department's internal procedures before making purchase requests, to see if approval by your department chair or dean is required. Recommendations will be evaluated by the department's Library Liaison and purchased as funding permits. Materials that support the teaching programs of the University are given first priority. The Library Liaison for your subject area may contact you about your recommendation.

What about purchases at a Conference?
The needs of this situation are discussed at Conference-Related Purchases.

Ordering Information:

  • If items are from sale catalog: The library must be given a copy of the order form and any other vital information (such as item numbers, or the number of the sale catalog).
  • If prepayment is required: The library must be given a copy of the order form and some promotion piece showing the item's cost in order to process the request.
  • If an item is from a small press or individual: Be sure to include the address. (Requests for materials with insufficient information will be returned.)

Request forms are readily available for your convenience.

  • Electronic form. requests can go directly to Collections & Resources using the electronic version of the Purchase Recommendation Form online.
  • Faculty members, please consult your department's internal procedures for making purchase recommendations.

When Time is Short
Although we endeavor to obtain items as quickly as possible, the process can take from one to several months. If you need an item before the time in which it could be purchased and cataloged, you may benefit from the library's Interlibrary Loan services.

Collections & Resources Philosophy
For more background on the perspectives and priorities governing the library's Collections & Resources decisions, please refer to the Collections & Resources Statement of Philosophy.

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