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Serials include newspaper, magazines, journals, yearbooks, annual reports, and other sequential publications. Serials are produced in different formats: paper, microform (reels of microfilm or sheets of microfiche).

Dianne Grayson - Assistant Director for Collections & Resource Management

The Serials staff is responsible for all areas of serials handling and control:

Serials Acquisitions: ordering and receiving current subscriptions; also tracking and investigating missing issues and billing errors.

Serials Cataloging: making serials accessible by creating and maintaining the records of the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC, also known as Webvoyager); also physically applying labels and call numbers.

Serials Binding & Repairs: the useful life of serials is extended by on-site efforts to repair worn issues or bind small groups of issues in the process of peg-binding. Larger binding projects are accomplished by sending groups of selected issues to a commercial bindery.

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