University of Southern Indiana

Acquisitions and Cataloging


Acquisitions is the processing area that actually get the books and media for the library's collection of resources.

Functions include:

  • verifying whether the requested item is already in the collection
  • verifying the availability and vendor(s) for an item
  • placing and receiving orders
  • verifying and paying invoices
  • follow-up for delayed or incorrect orders and billing
  • forwarding items to be cataloged

Recommending Library Materials

If you would like to make a recommendation for purchase, please consult our information and instructions for Purchase Recommendations.

When Time is Short

Although we endeavor to obtain items as quickly as possible, the process can take from one to several months. If you need an item before the time in which it could be purchased and cataloged, you may benefit from the library's Interlibrary Loan services, located in the Checkout/Reserves area.

Gift Acquisitions

The library also welcomes gifts that will enhance the library's collection and its mission to support the University's academic programs. For more information about gifts to the library, please go to:

Gifts Policy - Used Materials or;
Gifts Policy - New Purchases.


Cataloging is a processing area responsible for maintaining the book & media records, of both bibliographic and holdings information, in our online catalog, Webvoyager. The accuracy of these records is vital for efficient access to the library's resource for patrons on campus and those accessing the collection remotely.

Functions include:

  • Accurate assignment of classification under Library of Congress,
  • Dewey Decimal, and Superintendent of Document systems
  • Creation and maintenance of online catalog records 
  • Physical preparation of materials for public use 
  • Forwarding of items to be shelved in the various library locations

Because original cataloging is an expensive, time-consuming, and complex process, cataloging staff locates records for many items through the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC). OCLC is the largest bibliographic service in the world, used by over 24,000 libraries in 62 countries, and it offers over 40 million bibliographic records.

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