University of Southern Indiana

Goals and Strategies

  • Goal 1:  The College of Liberal Arts will attract qualified students. 
    Strategy 1:  Increase Recruitment/Contact Opportunities
    Strategy 2:  Increase Scholarship Opportunities for New Students

  • Goal 2:  The College of Liberal Arts will improve retention and graduation rates.
    Strategy 1:  Focus on Excellence in Advising
    Strategy 2:  Focus on Excellence and Innovation in Instruction
    Strategy 3:  Increase Sophomore to Senior Scholarships and Achievement Awards

  • Goal 3:  The College of Liberal Arts will recruit and retain highly qualified faculty.
    Strategy 1: Increase Qualified, Diverse Applicants and Hired Faculty
    Strategy 2:  Support Faculty Development for Retention

  • Goal 4:  The College of Liberal Arts will deliver quality undergraduate and graduate programs.
    Strategy 1:  Improve the Effectiveness of CLA Programs through Ongoing Program Assessment
    Strategy 2:  Develop or Redesign Programs Responsive to Regional and National Needs

  • Goal 5:  The College of Liberal Arts will increase its positive impact upon the region and nation. 
    Strategy 1:  Promote College Leadership
    Strategy 2:  Promote Faculty and Staff Leadership, Engagement, and Accomplishments
    Strategy 3:  Promote Student Success: Current Undergraduate, Graduate, and Alumni

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