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Double Major in Criminal Justice

Students working toward a bachelor's degree in sociology or criminal justice may benefit from declaring majors in both fields.

The double major in sociology and criminal justice studies can be completed in as few as 51 credit hours. The sociology major and the criminal justice studies majors alone are 39 credit hours each, taken separately.

Studets wishing to pursue this double major option must meet the criminal justice studies program admission requirements.

Course Information

Twenty-seven hours of sociology-designated criminal justice courses can count toward both the criminal justice studies major and the sociology major.

The following courses are required for one or both majors and count for credit in both:

  • SOC 121 - Principles of Sociology*
  • SOC 225 - Criminology*
  • SOC 370 - Seminar in Sociology (Hate Groups and Hate Crimes)
  • SOC 391 - Introduction to Sociological Research
  • SOC 392 - Statistics for Social Research

The following courses count for elective credit in both majors:

  • SOC 335 - Juvenile Delinquency
  • SOC 370 - Social Networks
  • SOC 426 - Sociology of Deviant Behavior

One of the following may be counted towards both majors:

  • SOC 421 - Race and Ethnicity
  • SOC 431 - Gender and Society
  • SOC 463 - Wealth and Poverty

*Classes must be taken prior to admission to the criminal justice studies program.

 Course descriptions can be found in the USI Academic Bulletin.

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