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Women protesting for suffrage

Suffrage Amendment Symposium 2020

University of Southern Indiana Gender Studies Program presents
American Women’s Suffrage Amendment Symposium
November 9-13, 2020
Individual and Class Submissions Welcome

The Woman’s Suffrage Amendment will be one-hundred years old in 2020. While this is an accomplishment worth celebrating, it is also one with a mixed legacy. Though women won the rights of citizenship and access to the ballot, that victory was not extended to all women or all Americans for decades after. Today the United States celebrates its legacy as a model democratic nation, yet many still do not enjoy the full rights of suffrage and political forces have conspired to limit access to the ballot and dilute the power of the vote.

The University of Southern Indiana’s Gender Studies Committee in partnership with Africana Studies and Global Studies is hosting a symposium in November 2020 to exhibit student research, art and other creative works that focus on the celebration of the women’s suffrage amendment, its complicated legacy and the challenges that lay ahead. This symposium aims to explore the complicated history of women’s suffrage in the United States and beyond, as well as the question of citizenship, and who has access to citizenship.

Suffragists writing campaignPhotograph of Alice Paul, Elizabeth Kalb, and two other women sitting and working around a table at National Woman's Party headquarters, Washington, D.C.

Call for Entries

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The committee welcomes papers, posters, artwork, poetry and literature, and performances in the following areas: 

  • Women’s access to the ballot and the rights of citizenship globally 
  • The relationship between the ballot and feminism and anti-feminism
  • Immigrant and migrant voting rights 
  • Barriers to voting that pre-date the contemporary period–grandfather clauses, poll taxes, literacy tests, violence, etc. 
  •  Contemporary barriers to voting–gerrymandering, felony exclusions, voter identification laws, vote tampering, etc
  • The implications of the Shelby v. Holder 2013 decision on American elections

We encourage instructors to have their students present research, artwork, posters and other original work in accessible, online formats that include video presentations, poster displays and online exhibits. We also welcome and strongly encourage individual student submissions!

Due Date: September 30

The symposium will be asynchronous and available for the University community to view, engage with and comment on during the week of November 9-13.

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