University of Southern Indiana


Gender Studies Faculty

Denise Lynn
Dr. Denise Lynn
Associate Professor of History
Director of Gender Studies
Contact: 812-465-1095
Liberal Arts Center 3033

Hilary Braysmith
Dr. Hilary Braysmith
Professor of Art History
Contact: 812-464-1740
Arts Center 211

Joanne Choi
Dr. Joanne Choi
Adjunct - Liberal Arts
Contact: 812-228-5193
Liberal Arts Center 3024

Lindsay Greer
Dr. Lindsay Greer
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Contact: 812-461-5209
Liberal Arts Center 3084

Sukanya Gupta
Dr. Sukanya Gupta
Associate Professor of English
Director of Global Studies
Contact: 812-228-5134
Robert D. Orr Center 3032

Shannon Hoehn
Ms. Shannon Hoehn
Applications Administrator
Adjunct - Liberal Arts
Contact: 812-461-5299
Robert D. Orr Center 3066C

Jenn Horn
Ms. Jenn Horn
Instructor in English
College of Liberal Arts First Year Experience and Living Learning Community Liaison
Contact: 812-461-5205
Robert D. Orr Center 3038

Melanie Lee
Dr. Melanie Lee
Associate Professor of English
Director of Composition
Contact: 812-465-1247
Robert D. Orr Center 3020

Amy Montz
Dr. Amy Montz
Associate Professor of English
Core 39 Assessment Officer
Contact: 812-465-7134
Robert D. Orr Center 3041

Monica O'Neil
Dr. Monica O'Neil
Academic Advisor
Adjunct - Nursing and Health Professions
Contact: 812-228-5042
Health Professions Center 2023C

Virginia Poston
Ms. Virginia Poston
Instructor in Art History
Contact: 812-465-1074
Arts Center 225

Jessica Rick
Dr. Jessica Rick
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Contact: 812-465-7136
Liberal Arts Center 3081

David Rodenberg
Mr. David Rodenberg
Adjunct - Liberal Arts
Contact: 812-465-7128
Liberal Arts Center

Sarah Stevens
Dr. Sarah Stevens
Adjunct - Liberal Arts
Director of Honors Program and Living Learning Communities
Affiliate Assistant Professor of Gender Studies
Contact: 812-461-5357
Robert D. Orr Center 1070

Stephanie Young
Dr. Stephanie Young
Associate Professor of Communication Studies
Director of Basic Course
Contact: 812-464-1737
Liberal Arts Center 3089


International Studies, Arts & Heritage Administration, Classical Studies, Gender Studies, and Humanities courses also are taught by faculty from the following departments: 

Administrative Assistant

Dawn Paris
Ms. Dawn Paris
Senior Administrative Assistant
Contact: 812-465-7047
Arts Center 207



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