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Summer 2017 Courses

Courses for MALS Students: Summer 2017


ENG 632.401: American Literature to the Civil War. CRN 30133. Summer Session II: June 13-August 4. Times: Tuesdays 1:00 – 5:00 pm and Fridays 1:00 – 2:30 pm. This course will contribute to the breadth and depth of student understanding of American literature and history from the European Colonization of North America to the middle of the Nineteenth Century.  It will achieve these goals by considering important topics and/or major authors.  Topics may vary. . Contact Dr. Hunt to arrange permission to register for this class. MALS Category: Humanities

HIST 500.NO1: Special Studies: Books in U.S. History. CRN 30162. Summer Session II: June 13 – July 14 (final papers due July 31). Fully online course. This course examines printing and publishing in American life from the Colonial period to the present. While we’ll examine the impact of certain specific books or genres, we’ll also analyze other forms of print (newspapers, magazines, even public notices and advertisements) to understand how they shaped and were shaped by the American experience. MALS Category: Humanities

HIST 500.NO1: Special Studies: Racism in America. CRN 40055, Summer Session III: July 17- August 11. Fully online course. This course teaches students to critically examine race and racism, including their conceptualizations and impacts on society. This course takes the position that race, gender, class and sexuality are socially constructed and applies this perspective on examining race relations in the US. 

The purpose of the course is to teach students to read, think and write critically by exposing them to a selection of race relation topics. Students will learn about critical perspectives on “race.” MALS Category: Humanities

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