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Capstone Experience

Completion of the capstone experience is required of all students to complete the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. 

Students have two options for the capstone experience: the capstone project or the capstone courses.

Capstone Project

About midway through the program, each student who chooses to complete a capstone project should have proposed a project topic and have had that topic approved by the graduate advisor. The project must be of a nature to warrant six hours of graduate credit. Each project will be thoroughly evaluated and approved by at least two members of a committee consisting of the student’s thesis/project advisor and two other members of the graduate faculty.

In general, the project should yield a written piece of work, although products such as artistic creations and web-based projects also may be acceptable.

Interested students will be encouraged to develop capstone projects which could contribute in some meaningful way to the community. The project will stress problem solving and knowledge application and synthesis.

Students selecting this option may also write and present two essays for formal examination. These essays should be similar to a more traditional master's thesis and normally consist of revised and expanded work from previous courses. In some instances, a thesis of significant breadth is acceptable.

Further information is available in the Capstone Project Completion Guide.

Capstone Courses

This option consists of six hours of capstone courses: a capstone elective and the Capstone Graduating Seminar. The Capstone Graduating Seminar is part of the required core for the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies.

Capstone courses are taken in the second half of the student's program. The capstone elective can be any approved 600-level LBST course.

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