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Degree Program

The 33-credit Master of Arts in English program consists of 12 credit hours of required coursework, 18 hours of electives and three hours of a culminating project including a comprehensive exam and a thesis or professional portfolio.

Coursework includes studies in literature, rhetoric and composition, creative writing and teaching. Electives allow students to shape the program in a way that fits their individual needs.

After completing 30 hours of coursework, students will be required to enroll in a culminating project - portfolio preparation or thesis research. Both options require students to take a comprehensive exam. Additional information on the culminating project is available in the Master of Arts in English Student Handbook.

Submission requirements for theses are available in the Graduate Studies office

Students who complete the program are awarded the Master of Arts in English degree. There are no distinctions in the name or prestige of the degree according to the thesis or portfolio options.

Course Descriptions

A complete list of required courses and their descriptions can be viewed on the English program website. 

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the Master of Arts in English program, students should be able to:

  • Read, interpret and write about a diverse range of texts in English.
  • Demonstrate a solid grounding in literature and rhetoric and writing.
  • Conduct independent research.
  • Write critically and effectively in specific professional contexts.
  • Examine and analyze those texts critically from a diverse range of perspectives and through the lens of history and theory.
  • Participate actively in academic discourse communities in written form, engaging in the theoretical discussions central to the field with current and relevant research-based information.  

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