University of Southern Indiana


Program Director

Jessica Garcés Jensen
Dr. Jessica Garcés Jensen
Associate Professor of French
Director of Master of Arts in Secondary Language Acquisition, Policy & Culture
Contact: 812-465-1292
Liberal Arts Center 3075



Mokhtar Al-Zuraiki
Dr. Mokhtar Al-Zuraiki
Affiliate Assistant Professor of Intensive English
Contact: 812-465-1270
Robert D. Orr Center 3052

Manuel Apodaca Valdez
Dr. Manuel Apodaca Valdez
Associate Professor of Spanish
Contact: 812-228-5038
Liberal Arts Center 3067

Bartell Berg
Dr. Bartell Berg
Assistant Professor of German
Contact: 812-464-1738
Liberal Arts Center 3073

A. David Hitchcock
Dr. A. David Hitchcock
Professor of Spanish
Director of Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Contact: 812-461-5380
Liberal Arts Center 3070

Silvia Rode
Dr. Silvia Rode
Professor of German
Chair of World Languages and Cultures
Contact: 812-465-7026
Liberal Arts Center 3071

Norma Rosas Mayén
Dr. Norma Rosas Mayén
Associate Professor of Spanish
Contact: 812-465-7019
Liberal Arts Center 3069

Emilija Zlatkovska
Dr. Emilija Zlatkovska
Affiliate Assistant Professor of English
Director of Intensive English Program
Adjunct - Liberal Arts
Interim Director for International Programs
Contact: 812-461-5362
Robert D. Orr Center 3053


 Administrative Assistant

Sarah Feagan
Miss Sarah Feagan
Administrative Assistant
Contact: 812-461-5264
Liberal Arts Center 3100

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