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Course Descriptions

Admission to the Masters of Arts in Second Language Acquisition, Policy, and Culture (MASPC) program or permission form the Director of the MASPC program is a prerequisite to enroll in any of the below courses.

Students must obtain approval of the Director of the MASPC program to enroll in courses outside the World Languages and Cultures department.

WLC 522 - Cultural Awareness Training Certificate (CAT) (3 credit hours)

A practical study of citizenship and professionalism in multicultural and multilingual environments. The course focuses on managing the challenges that cultural and linguistic diversity present to both organizations and individuals. The course is required for the completion of the Cultural Awareness Training Certificate in addition to one of the following courses: COMM 615 or WLC 690.

WLC 523 - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificate (TESOL) (6 credit hours)

An intensive certificate program that prepares students and professionals to teach English to speakers of other languages.

WLC 611 - Second Language Acquisition (3 credit hours)

This course focuses on the development of language in all people. We will progress quickly in from a discussion of first language (L1) acquisition (mostly child language) to second language (L2) acquisition (both child and adult). We will discuss topics including (but not limited to) incorporating culture into the language classroom, vocabulary development, communication in all three modes (presentational, interpersonal and interpretive), the use of technology in L2 acquisition and individual learner differences. Course is a requirement for the MASPC.

WLC 612 - Technology and Second Language Acquisition (3 credit hours)

A study of technology in various language learning environments, beginning with general perspectives on second language acquisition, a historical overview of technology and language acquisition and the integration of technology in second language settings.

WLC 613 - Language Assessment (3 credit hours)

A study of theory, research, and practice of various forms of assessment in second language learning.

WLC 690 - World Languages and Cultures and Policy (3 credit hours)

A course that deals with a special topic in the field of second language acquisition, policy, and culture. Permission of the instructor.

WLC 660 - Practicum, Internship, Instructional Support (1-6 credit hours)

An opportunity for job-related experience in the area of second language acquisition, policy and culture. Permission of graduate director is required.

WLC 699 - Individual Studies (1-3 credit hours)

Research or advanced study in a specific area of Second Language Acquisition, Policy, and Culture, culminating in an analytical graduate paper or comprehensive exam. Permission of graduate director is required.

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