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Exploring Graduate Studies in Liberal Arts event

Exploring Graduate Studies in Liberal Arts

February 2021

The first 10 applicants to a USI Liberal Arts Graduate program on or after February 16 will receive an application fee waiver!

Use the code USILARTS

About the Event

Identifying potential career options after college often proves a challenge for students. Many desirable career paths require graduate studies and come with an earning bump.

Gathering information about graduate programs can be difficult but the USI College of Liberal Arts is here to help!

This two-day virtual event will provide students of any major or discipline with information early on to help them make meaningful decisions about their futures, whether or not they decide to pursue graduate studies.

Attendees will learn basic information about how graduate studies may help them secure meaningful careers post-graduation, how to prepare strong graduate school applications, and what graduate programs are available in the College of Liberal Arts.

This event is free and open to the public.

Panel 1 | The Graduate Student Experience
Is graduate school right for me?

Moderator: Jessica Rick (Communications)

  • Faculty Panelist (Humanities): Kristin LaFollette (English)
  • Faculty Panelists (Social Sciences): Jason Callahan (Criminal Justice), Lindsay Greer (Communications)
  • Faculty Panelist (Fine Arts): Sara Christensen Blair (Art)
  • USI Graduate Student: Kereston Hochgesang (Communications)
  • USI Alumni (Graduate): Rachel Herr (MPA), Kountiala Jean de Dieu Some (MASPC)

Panel 2 | Graduate Studies at USI
Meet program directors and learn more about the seven graduate degree programs offered through the College of Liberal Arts.

  • Faculty Panelists : Jessica Garcés Jensen (MASPC), Chuck Conaway (MAE), Tamara Hunt (MALS), Peter Whiting (Scholarly Communication Librarian), Trent Engbers (MPA), Todd Schroer (MACJ), Erin Gilles (MAC), Jay Dickerson (MSW) 

Panel 3 | Graduate School 101: Introduction to Graduate School
An introduction to the different types of graduate programs (Masters/PhD/4+1/3+2), certificates, financial aid, and the application process.

Moderator: Jessica Garcés Jensen (WLC)

  • Faculty Panelists (Humanities): Sukanya Gupta (English / Global Studies), Jessica Garcés Jensen (WLC)
  • Faculty Panelists (Social Sciences): Matt Hanka (Political Science), Crystal Steltenpohl (Psychology), Chad Tew (Communications), Dan Bauer (Anthropology)
  • Faculty Panelist (Fine Arts): Rob Millard-Mendez (Art)

Panel 4 | Preparing Strong Applications
Advice from faculty experts on how to prepare a successful graduate school application (cover letters, essays, interviews, letters of recommendation). 

Moderator: Tamara Hunt

  • Faculty Panelists (Humanities): Tamara Hunt (History), Oana Popescu-Sandu (English)
  • Faculty Panelists (Social Sciences): Stephanie Young (Communication), Elissa Mitchell (Social Work)
  • Faculty Panelist (Fine Arts): AL Holen (Art)

Panel 5 | Exploring Graduate Programs
Discover strategies to identify the graduate program that is right for you!

  • Faculty Panelists (Humanities): Amy Montz (English), Melanie Lee (English), Susanna Hoeness-Krupsaw (English), Stella Ress (History), Bartell Berg (WLC), 
  • Faculty Panelists (Social Sciences): Melissa Stacer (Criminal Justice), Steve Zehr (Sociology)
  • Faculty Panelist (Fine Arts): Chuck Armstrong (Art and Design)

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