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Past Presentations

Below is a collection of the previous Global Salon presentations as well as recordings of Global Salon virtual events.

Using Machine Learning to Describe Predictors of Nutritional and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes for Two-Year Old Bangladeshi Children

Dr. Heather Cook, Assistant Professor of Statistics
November 2020

Taking Your Skills and Education Global: What are my options?  What are the benefits?

Ms. Andrea Tiller, Peace Corps Field Based Recruiter: Indiana
November 2020

Life and Science at McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Dr. Jenna Kloosterman, Assistant Professor of Engineering 
October 2020

Stars. Planets. Life. Where do they all come from? In 2011-2012 and again in 2015-2016, Kloosterman traveled to Antarctica with an international team of scientists to try to answer these questions. The team built and launched a balloon borne telescope designed to look at the atomic building blocks of the star formation process—carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. Experience the journey to McMurdo Station, what life is like there, and what is like to work on the launch of a scientific long-duration balloon.

Health and Healthcare in Kenya

Dr. Jeri Burger, Associate Professor in Nursing
October 2020

Dr. Jeri Burger traveled to Kenya in March 2020 and the trip provided opportunities to meet healthcare providers and tour some healthcare facilities. Through travel experiences and interaction with people in varied settings in Nairobi and rural areas, she learned about factors and conditions that influence health.

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