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Guidelines for Display Cases

Guidelines for the Use of Display Cases in the College of Liberal Arts 

The display cases in the College of Liberal Arts are for featuring the scholarly work of students, faculty, or departments and promoting programs or events occurring within the College.  In order to present a quality, informative, and visually interesting display, we offer these guidelines and recommendations.  

About the Display Case

  • The overall area measures 91" high x 115" wide x 27" deep and is accessed and secured with a key.  
  • Each display case has two doors to access the space from either end, the doorway when opened in 35".  The center section, which measures 39", is stationary. 
  • Each glass shelf measures 57 1/2" long x 12" deep.  The shelves are movable within the shelf tracks and additional shelves are available.  The shelf tracks are spaced 14 3/4"apart and each shelf requires 4 metal supports.  
  • The display case has (3) light fixtures that use a light switch inside the case.  The light fixtures are NOT to be left on, but must be turned on and off daily.  It is acceptable to forgo lighting the display.  
  • The display case has an electrical outlet inside the space.  Items may be kept plugged in but must be turned on and off daily.  

What to Use

To present a professional display we recommend using the following materials:

  • Present an overall theme with coordinated design, fonts, and colors.  This will unify the display.  
  • It is recommended that quality photographs be no smaller than 11" x 14", font sizes be at least 18 pt, and use a variety of two and three dimensional items.  
  • Use foam core board for signage, story boards, labeling, and mounted photographs.  Construction paper tends to fade and wilt.  Cardstock is a good alternative for labels.  
  • Items may be displayed using easels, acrylic or wooden stands or cubes, and acrylic or wooden frames.  
  • Items may be adhered to the wall using approved hardware like straight pins, push pins, small hooks, and brad nails.  Other types of hardware will ruin the carpeted walls.

Courtesy and Safety

  • Respect your scheduled time for installing and removing your exhibit.
  • Respect teaching faculty and their students in the classrooms when installing and removing exhibits.  The hammering and excessive noise may be a distraction. 
  • Make sure that the shelf supports are firmly locked in place before placing the glass shelf on them.  The shelf supports should not wiggle.  
  • Use only the approved hanging hardware.  This will extend the life of the carpeted walls.
  • Do not have electrical items or lights left on overnight.  Please make the appropriate arrangements if you chose to use the lighting or use electrical items.  

Scheduling a Display Case 

Display case # Located between the doors for: Contact person:
1A LA1004 Renee Rowland 
1B LA1015 Liberal Arts (Cacee Hoyer Spring 2017)
2A  LA2004 and LA2005 Susan Sauls 
2D  LA2028 and LA2039 Liberal Arts

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