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For lovers of reading, literature programs at the University of Southern Indiana provide a chance to study fiction, poetry and drama from a range of historical periods. 

Whether you'd like to improve your ability to understand what you read, learn to analyze and interpret any text, or improve your sense of history through literature and writing, the literature program will take you to imagined places that will enlarge your intellectual world.

Literature majors are encouraged to submit their critical essays to Amalgam, the student research journal, and to apply for Endeavor Awards for Research and Creativity, which may provide funding to do advanced research at other major libraries around the country. If you are interested in learning to be an editor, or you have creative writing skills, there are internships available at Southern Indiana Review as well as opportunities to work on other student publications.

Literature Programs

The English Department offers a major in English with a literature emphasis and a minor in literature.

The major in English with a literature emphasis culminates in a Bachelor of Arts degree, which requires 12 semester hours in the same foreign language or demonstration of proficiency at that level of study.

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