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Communication Studies

The Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in communication studies explores communication in various contexts and forms, incorporating writing, speaking and computer-mediated communications across the curriculum.

The communication studies program prepares students to meet the current needs of business and industry leaders, who demand college graduates who demonstrate effective communication skills, problem-solving abilities and leadership experience in addition to the ability to think critically and conceptually. Students emerge from the major in communication studies as proficient, critical consumers and producers of messages and interactions at the personal, social, civic and professional levels.

Graduates pursue various careers, including sales, retail management, non-profit organizations, human resources, corporate training programs, government agencies and health care, while others own their own businesses, attend graduate school or enter the political arena.

Communication Studies Programs

Students may elect to complete a major or a minor in communication studies. The major in communication studies culminates in a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree.

The Bachelor of Arts degree requires 12 semester hours in the same foreign language or demonstration of proficiency at that level of study.

Additional requirements for communications majors can be found in the USI Academic Bulletin. In addition to the departmental degree requirements, students must complete the University Core 39.

Program Objectives

In the communication studies program, students learn:

  • To effectively communicate in a variety of contexts - one on one communication, small groups, and larger organizations
  • To create ethical messages using various communication channels - speaking, writing, new media, etc.
  • To explore issues of power, politics, and culture in communication
  • To work effectively in teams
  • To learn conflict resolution strategies, problem-solving techniques, and crisis management skills
  • To develop leadership abilities
  • To understand diversity and appreciate cultural difference

Student Organization

Check out the Communication Studies student group Communication Studies Connection to get involved with fellow students.

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