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Two Exhibits: A Time and A Place: the Photographs of Sonny Brown & Richard Hunt: American Sculptor

Two Exhibits: A Time and A Place:  the Photographs of Sonny Brown & Richard Hunt: American Sculptor

September 20 – October 29, 2017

The McCutchan Art Center/Pace Galleries presents two fall 2017 exhibits:  A Time and A Place:  the Photographs of Sonny Brown, from the University Archives and Richard Hunt: American Sculptor, September 20 – October 29, 2017. Everett “Sonny” Brown, photographer with the Evansville Courier newspaper in Evansville, Indiana from the 1950s – 1980s, donated many personal and professional negatives to the Rice Library Archives before his death in 2015. This retrospective showcases Brown’s Midwest from the 1960s-80s, juxtaposing the historical and political with the culture and lifestyle of the region.

The Sonny Brown exhibit was curated by former USI art faculty member Kristen Wilkins and funded through a USI Faculty Research and Creative Work Award. With the grant, student assistant Hannah Spurgeon and Ms. Wilkins separated and examined 150 rolls of film negatives, and then took them into the darkroom to proof and print. The exhibit is comprised of 90 of Mr. Brown’s photographs.

Ms. Wilkins will present a free public lecture on the exhibit, “The Artist in the Archive: A Love Letter to the Photographic Object” on Thursday, September 21 at 6 p.m. in Kleymeyer Hall in the Liberal Arts Center on the USI campus. A reception for the exhibit follows in the McCutchan Art Center/Pace Galleries.

The Richard Hunt: American Sculptor exhibit is a display of Hunt’s prints and handmade paper pieces from the University Art Collection.  Richard Hunt, an internationally known sculptor, was commissioned to create the artwork, From Our Past Toward Our Future, located on the USI Quad, for USI's 50th anniversary in 2015. Mr. Hunt will be returning to campus October 11 -13 to present a free public lecture and interact with art students and faculty.  The lecture will be held on Thursday, October 12 at 7 p.m. in Carter Hall in University Center West with a reception following in Carter Hall.

Photo of Jesse Jackson and mayor sitting, surrounded by 3 other unidentified people

Jesse Jackson with Mayor Russell Lloyd, 1977, reprinted 2017

Photo of JFK at podium, surrounded by microphones, pointing while talking to crowd

Senator John F. Kennedy Campaigning for President, 1960, reprinted 2017

Photo of child in Sunday clothes holding Easter basket, reaching through fence to pick up egg on other side

Egg Hunter, 1964, reprinted 2017

Photo of young boy pushing man in wheelchair, the opposite direction of a street sign that says "One Way"

More Than One Way, n.d., reprinted 2017

Photo of football player sitting on sidelines covered head to toe in mud

Muddy Player, 1967, reprinted 2017, reprinted 2017

Photo of Ronald Reagan surrounded by reporters and microphones

Ronald Reagan with Reporters, 1976, reprinted 2017

Sonny Brown riding in convertible car, standing and waving while holding a camera in his hand

Sonny Brown Riding Shotgun, 1964, reprinted 2017

Photo of audience, including scaffolding which several in the audience had climbed and sat on

Soda Pop Festival Audience, 1972, reprinted 2017

Photo of Bunny the elephant, with hind legs up, one on a stool, the other being steadied by technician who is working on that foot.

Bunny the Elephant Gets a Pedicure, 1961, reprinted 2017

Photo of nun on sidewalk, skating

Roller Skating Nun, 1964, reprinted 2017

Photo of Robert Kennedy at podium with microphones, speaking

Robert Kennedy 45 Days Before His Murder, 1965


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