University of Southern Indiana

Stitches in Time 2011

Stitches in Time: Samplers from Private Collections
January 10 - March 18

The third exhibit, Stitches in Time: Samplers from Private Collections features American textiles and needlework from pre-revolutionary to contemporary times. Needlework was a significant part of the education for the 18th and 19th century young lady. The sampler showcased her skills and would include a decorative border, alphabets, animals, flowers, and a verse. Other types of samplers displayed include the darning and fancy work samplers. Learning to repair holes in fabric as well as make button holes, drawn work and lace were all part of the educational experience of that time.

The samplers on display were collected from Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Illinois. Many of the examples were brought with the families when they moved to the Midwestern territory from the east coast or the southern parts of our then-new country.

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