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Liberal Arts 2015-2020 Strategic Plan

Letter from the Deans

The College of Liberal Arts has changed significantly as it has grown in faculty, staff, students, curricula, programs and facilities. Today the College houses the largest number of faculty, offers the greatest variety of majors and minors and produces more students with bachelor degrees than any other college at USI. We offer effective and rigorous 
programs in the arts and humanities, and social and behavioral sciences, all of which comprise the liberal arts today at universities.

We take great pride in our growth, maturation and the outstanding accomplishments of our faculty, staff, students and alumni. We are eager to showcase our achievements and to demonstrate the value of a liberal arts education in creating the next generation of critically-reflective thinkers and citizens who emerge from our classrooms as accomplished artists, social scientists, entrepreneurs, community leaders and professionals. 

In 2015, we introduced a new College of Liberal Arts Strategic Plan. This strategic plan represents an important milestone in determining the direction of the College of Liberal Arts over the next five years. This plan will guide us as we strive to achieve our goals and realize our College mission and vision. With this plan, budget requests, experiential and engagement activities, and decision-making will be made in order to implement goal strategies. 

Our new strategic plan is aligned closely with the mission, vision and goals of the 
University. It is also characterized by the distinctive values and aims of the College of Liberal Arts. This plan was designed to build on our strengths, to reflect upon them and to inform the implementation of strategies to ensure that we continue to provide excellence in instruction and leadership throughout the region. In this plan, we also seek innovation in our programs and curricula that will engage students in intellectual and creative inquiry in established as well as new and emerging areas of study. For this reason, the College will continue to develop new and innovative offerings with experiential learning and research opportunities and will strengthen its curricula and programs through sponsored events such as guest speakers, conferences and joint student and faculty colloquia. Furthermore, the College is committed to an inclusive educational community that will attract and develop highly qualified students, faculty and staff. Our ultimate objective is to improve continuously the experiences we offer to students, the USI community and the region.

The College of Liberal Arts is responsive to the broad perspectives of our many and diverse constituents (students, faculty, staff and alumni), and we strive continuously to provide
the best experiences possible. We are committed to achieving our vision and goals as defined in our new Strategic Plan. 

James Beeby, PhD, F.R.Hist.S.

Sakina Hughes, PhD
Assistant Dean

Melinda Roberts, PhD
Assistant Dean


Linking formal inquiry with self-discovery, the College of Liberal Arts fosters knowledge, skills and values necessary for success in the ever-changing global community.


We strive to ignite intellectual curiosity and a passion for lifelong learning.

We aim for the understanding of self, society and ethics necessary for responsible and engaged citizenship, for integrity balanced with social awareness.

We foster both cultural enrichment and an appreciation of the human condition in all of its diversity.

We cultivate an awareness that truth is complex, multifaceted and unlikely to be found in one place.

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