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What is Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is mainly used as an e-mail application.  Outlook is also used to manage an online calendar, tasks, and contacts (address book).

What is the purpose of Microsoft Outlook?

Using Outlook to read/send email is preferred over web based email in that there is no time-out period.  Outlook can be used to keep names/addresses of your sales contacts or people you email/call often.  This information can be synced with your smart phone.  The calendar & tasks functions of Outlook will send reminders.  Each user has the opportunity to share their outlook folders (calendar) with other outlook users.  The ability to schedule meetings in the outlook calendar is a very useful business function.

How do I learn to use Outlook?

Follow this link for quick start Guide to Outlook here.

How do I use use Outlook on my computer or mobile device?

See instructions on Software.

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