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Phishing Tip #2

Don't Click Unexpected Links

You might receive an email from someone inviting you to a shared document.  

Do not click this link, it could lead to your account being hacked and all of your information being stolen.

Other items to notice about this email. 

  • A legitimate email should have Name and Signature at the bottom
  • The From address is not formatted properly for an account
  • It makes a LOT more sense that a GOOGLE document would be shared from a Gmail account.
  • Pay MORE attention to the from ADDRESS than the display NAME.
  • HOVER over links to see the destination web site. See Tip #6
  • When looking at a FROM address - pay attention to the last part of the address:

If you receive a lot of unexpected email (spam), create rules to block/filter messages - don't open obvious spam messages - just delete.  Let Clutter and the Junk mail folder reduce the number of messages that you must wade through.


From: Terrie Smith <>
Subject: Open the Google Document
Date 7/24/2017

 I just sent a confidential document using Google Drive, is very important.

 To access the files  <clickable link - that appeared as small blurry image>

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