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Distribution List Management

If you are the OWNER of a Department or Organization Distribution list that is Server side (not in your Contacts), use these instructions to modify your Mail Distribution List.

These steps require some set-up work - that will need to be done once/computer.  If you have already done the set-up, jump to To Update the Distribution List/Group.


  1. Highlight the string of text below – and then do a Ctl+C  (copy )


%systemroot%\system32\rundll32.exe dsquery, OpenQueryWindow



  1. Close/minimize email and other programs until you can see your Desktop (icons).
  2. Right Click in an unused space on your desktop, and choose NEW, Shortcut.
  3. Click One time in the LOCATION box, and do a Ctl+V (Paste)
  4. Click Next.
  5. Name the shortcut “Address Book
  6. Click FINISH

To update the Distribution List/Group

  1. Double Click the shortcut on your Desktop named Address Book,
  2. In the NAME box, enter all or part of your group’s name  (example: COMMUNIC )  and click FIND NOW
  3. Double click the  entry for your GROUP (two heads).  You may see more entries from the search, make sure you get the right group.

You should see the list of members now – you can add/remove people.   If you do not have update permission – the ADD/REMOVE buttons will be grayed out.

  1. When ADDING - It is a good idea to add people by using their USERNAME or Full email address.  It is a good idea to add People one at a time.

The changes you are making won’t show up right away in the cloud – but should within 24 hours.

As an FYI – These changes can only be made by a computer ON the Domain (basically on campus). 

How to force the Global Address Book to Update

1. Click the Send/Receive Tab

2. Click Send/ Receive Groups

3. Download Address Book

4. Choose Download changes since last Send/Receive, OK


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