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Digital Production

Duplication/Conversion - Information Technology duplicates CD and DVD material using high quality materials and high speed duplication devices. We also offer conversion services of audio and video tapes to a digital format. Faculty, students, and staff who request duplication services must provide proof of copyright release from the originator of the work before copying may begin.

Duplication rates for academic clients are as follows:

DVD Duplication $1.00
CD Duplication $1.00


Blank CDs or DVDs are not included in the conversion or duplication price. Information Technology will allow students, faculty, or staff to provide new, blank recordable media for production or duplication. Media may also be purchased from Information Technology at the following prices:

Blank Media

640 MB Data/72 min. Audio CD $1.00
4.7 GB Data/120 min DVD-R $5.00


Duplication/Conversion Requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, completion of any duplication project is dependent upon the size of the project (number of duplications and length of the original material), type of media (videotape, CD, DVD or audiotape), availability of sufficient blank media, and other production requests in queue. Generally, individual duplications can be completed in a business day. CDs and DVDs can be duplicated at high-speed and may require less than a day to complete. To ensure that deadlines are met for each project, requests for duplication should be submitted as early as possible.

Editing - Information Technology provides audio and video production services for the university community using digital video and audio equipment, nonlinear editing systems, and 3D graphics supported by a staff composed of professional photographers, writers, producers, and graphic artists. Production may include audio or videotaping services, graphic design, and editing. These services are billed on an hourly basis and a project can be estimated after consultation with our production team. Production services do not include the cost of materials, which are also estimated for the client before any work begins.

Information Technology regularly produces broadcast quality programs for our university clients including distance education coursework, special grant-funded video presentations, and an annual commemorative video of commencement.

Video Editing $40.00 per hour
Audio Editing $40.00 per hour
Video Production $40.00 per hour


Teleconferencing and Related Services

Full-motion and multi-point interactive videoconferencing is also available through Information Technology including full technical support for conference connections worldwide. Multi-point connections allow USI to offer a wide range of instructional courses and programs for students and off-campus groups.  This technology offers a unique collaborative tool for faculty and students by connecting the University to a  variety of experts and peers in cities across the globe. Videoconferencing provided through Information Technology also allows USI faculty an opportunity for community outreach through distance learning programs and courses.

To schedule a videoconference or for questions about related services call the Help Desk at 812-465-1080 or email us by clicking the Contact Us link at the top right of this page.

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