University of Southern Indiana

Security Keys

For users without a smartphone, or those who do not wish to use their smartphone, USI Information Technology offers physical USB security keys as an alternative to the Okta Verify app.  If you are interested in these, please contact the Information Technology department at  Please note that purchasing these will require approval from your department's financial manager, as the IT department will chargeback for the purchase cost of the device.

Device Name Recommended for Cost Ports supported
Security Key by Yubico Recommended for most users desiring a physical MFA token $18 USB-A (normal USB)
Security Key NFC by Yubico Recommended for users who login from mobile devices frequently $27 USB-A and NFC
Yubikey 5C NFC Recommended for users who primarily use a device that only has USB-C ports $55 USB-C and NFC
Yubikey 5Ci Recommended for users who frequently login from an iPad $70 USB-C and Lightning

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