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Outlook Rules

Create RULES in Outlook to block Spam - if using web based email see second set of instructions.

  1. Click FILE Tab
  2. Click  Manage Rules & Alerts. (below mailbox cleanup)
  3. Click New Rule
  4. Check “apply rule on messages I receive” (near the bottom of the list), Click NEXT
  5. Check “With specific words in the subject”   
  6. In the lower pane, click on “SPECIFIC WORDS”
  7. Enter ***spam*** , click ADD
  8. If there are multiple words or phrases you are trying to block on, then continue typing them and click ADD
  9. Click OK and NEXT
  10. Check "Move it to the specified folder"
  11. Choose the Junk email folder, click OK
  12. Click Next 2 times
  13. Name the filter: Block words in subject"
  14. Click FINISH

Rules in Outlook Web App (OWA)

  1. Start Outlook web
  2. Click the Cog (top right)
  3. Choose Options
  5. Click Plus (create rule)
  6. Select "Create a new rule for arriving messages"
  7. Name the rule:  block words in subject”
  8. In the dropdown labeled “when the message arrives” – choose “IT INCLUDES THESE WORDS IN THE SUBJECT”
  9. Type in ***spam***    Click Plus, click OK
  10. In the drop down labeled “do the following” choose “MOVE THE MESSAGE TO FOLDER”
  11. Select the junk email folder, OK, Save
  12. Click the arrow in the top left to return to your email/inbox.

If you ever need to block more words in the subject – return to the rules and add more words/phrases to THIS rule.

FYI - OWA rules are not available in OWA light.  If you have a problem following the instructions above, try using Internet Explorer.

Explore all the options of Outlook rules - you can block message based on words in senders address or in the body of the message.

Import/Export Rules in Outlook

  1. Click the file tab at the top left.
  2. Click the Manage Rules and Alerts button under the info tab on the left.Outlook1
  3. Under the E-mail Rules tab, click the options button on the right.Outlook2
  4. Select either "Export Rules..." or "Import Rules..." (Export to a place that you will remember!)Outlook3

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