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Sending an attachment can be tricky – as eagles mail will want to default to getting files from your One Drive.  Also, the default is to send a HYPERLINK to a file on the One Drive vs. actually sending the file.

So, if you want to send the FILE – and not a link – follow these instructions.

  1. Start a new message
  2. Click ATTACH – above the TO field.
  3. If the file resides on your computer – click COMPUTER (on the left)Attachment1
  4. Browse to the location of the file ON your computer.
  5. Next you are presented with the following 2 choices:
    • Attach as COPY (the original way we are used to sending attachments)
    • Upload and attach as a OneDrive File

The Upload and attach method will put the file in your OneDrive, and give the email recipient access to this file.  Using this method, sends the email recipient a LINK to your document – it does not put the file in the email.  The recipient can NOT forward the document to someone else.



IF you choose Upload and attach, you are then given the choice to change permissions to Read Only  or Edit permissions.

WHY has Microsoft gone to the OneDrive method? 

Many people work from mobile devices.  If your files are in your OneDrive, you have them available to you on your phone, tablet, AND computer.  Many devices have limited amounts of storage – but we have a very large amount of space in our OneDrive.

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