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Setup Default Mail App on Android

1. Open the Gmail App

2. Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner > Settings > Add account > Exchange.

Choose Exchange

3. Enter your USI email address and tap Next.

NOTE: If you're prompted for additional settings, enter your USI credentials.

Follow any prompts you may get, including security permissions. You may also be asked to set your sync settings and a display name.

Add your email address screen

4. Go to your inbox

If you see a message from "Microsoft account" with a subject that starts with "Action Required," follow these steps:

NOTE: If you don't see this message, skip this step.

5. Tap the email message to open it.

Tap the click here link to enable sync with the Gmail app.

Click the link to enable sync

6. Pull down the Android notification bar by swiping down from the top of your screen.

If you see a notification that reads "Unable to sync calendar and contacts," tap it. Then tap Allow and follow the prompts.

NOTE: If you don't see a sync error notification, you're good to go!

Mail sync error message

You're done!

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