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USI provides e-mail to current students, alumni and employees.  When you cease to hold one of these roles, we may remove your e-mail mailbox.

Our system is always checking to see if former students/applicants have reached a "No Role" status.  When this happens the Microsoft license is removed from that account.

Every Fall term we have many accounts that reach a No Role status.  Occasionally, we attempt to warn people when this will happen.  You may have reached this web site because you received an email like the following:

This is an important message from USI Information Technology.

Our records indicate you are no longer a current student at USI, and have not graduated. On xx/xx/xx your USI Eagles email account and OneDrive storage space will be deleted. If you have recently re-enrolled for the Fall 2017 term, you can ignore this message. Otherwise, you should plan on saving any messages and files you have on the USI Eagles email system and OneDrive file storage prior to the xx/xx/xx date.

If you need any assistance or believe our records are inaccurate, please contact the USI IT Help Desk. Please provide your name, email address, telephone number and the reason you believe that your account should not be deleted. If you are questioning if this is a valid email from USI, look up the IT Help Desk phone number on the USI web site and give us a call.

USI Information Technology Help Desk 812-465-1080

We are providing these instructions as our solution to exporting your email data from the USI system to a hotmail/live/msn/ address.  This is just one solution.

** NOTE - Do not wait until the last minute to do these steps - as it 'could' take up to 2 days for all mail to Import.

1) Get a Hotmail/Live/MSN/ account if you don't already have one. 

2) Log into your e-mail account

3) Click Settings (gear/cog - top right)

4) Click Options

5) Expand MAIL (on left)

6) expand ACCOUNTS (on left)


8) Choose Other email Accounts

9) Enter the values for your Eagles Mail account

export eagles to hotmail


11) Click OK

12) You should see a new entry under the "Manage your connected accounts" section.  You should also see a status.  When all of the mail items on your eagles-mail email have been successfully imported into this account, the Status should say UP TO DATE.

Exit back to your account (get out of settings).

When the eagles mail starts importing - you will see an entry on the left side with your eagles-mail email address.  Expand this folder to see the mail items/folders.

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