University of Southern Indiana

Use SafeAssign

  1. Go into your course
  2. Go to a Content Area
  3. Point to Assessment button
  4. Choose Safe Assignment
  5. Enter a Name for the Assignment
  6. Enter the Points Possible (This will be shared with the Grade Center.)
  7. Enter the Instructions
  8. Make the assessment available, select Yes
  9. Track Number of Views, select your choice
  10. Available Dates, select date and time range of assignment
  11. Draft, allows students to see the results
  12. Urgent Checking, system will know it is a high priority
  13. Student Viewable, select your choice
  14. Optional Announcement, allows you to create an announcement for the assignment
  15. Click Submit

To View SafeAssignment Submissions

  1. Go into your course
  2. Click on Course Tools under Control Panel
  3. Click on Safe Assign
  4. Select SafeAssigment
  5. Click on Checkmark Icon under SA Report to see report for specific student
  6. Review the report.

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