University of Southern Indiana

Creating Groups

  1. Go into your course
  2. Under Control Panel, click on Users and Groups
  3. Then click on Groups
  4. Then click on Create Single Group
  5. Click on Manual Enroll
  6. Enter a Group Name
  7. Enter a Description on how to use the group and what you want them to do
  8. Select the tools students will need, under Tool Availability (Tools include blogs, wikis, journals, email and discussion board.)
  9. Allow Personalization (If you want them to personalize the group page with modules that only that student can view.)
  10. Select Group Members (Hold CTRL key and you can click and select more than one at a time.)
  11. Click on arrows between Items to Select and Selected Items to move the names over under Selected Items. (Remember to add yourself to all groups so you can monitor the groups progress.)
  12. Then click Submit
  13. The new group appears on the Groups Page.

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