University of Southern Indiana

Creating a Tool Link

  1. Go into your course
  2. On the top left is a plus sign button. Click that button
  3. Select Create Tool Link
  4. Enter a Name for the Link
  5. Select the Tool Type to add
  6. Click the check box next to Available to Users
  7. Then click Submit
  8. You can arrange where the link appears by clicking on the up/down arrow, holding and dragging your mouse where you want the link to appear.

 To put the tools in a content area:

  1. Click on the content area where you want the tool
  2. Point to Build Content
  3. Select Tools Area from drop down list
  4. Select the tool you want
  5. Click Next
  6. Enter Name for tool link
  7. Enter Description for the tool link
  8. Under Options, make the link Available
    1. Other Options
    2. Track Number of Views
    3. Date Restrictions
  9. Click Submit
  10. The link will appear at the bottom of your content area

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