University of Southern Indiana

Creating a Blog

  1. Go to your course
  2. Click on content area where you would like to add a blog
  3. Click on Add Interactive Tool
  4. Click on blog
  5. Select
    1. Link to Blogs Page (to see all blog) or
    2. Link to a Blog (for a specific blog)
      1. Select specific blog or
      2. Click Create New Blog button if you want a new blog
        1. Enter a Blog name
        2. Enter instructions in text box
        3. Set availability
        4. Set Date/Time Restrictions
        5. Select Blog Participation and Options
        6. Select Blog Settings
          1. Set Index Entries (Index is the listing of all Blog titles)
          2. Choose to Allow Users to Edit and Delete Entries or not
          3. Choose to Allow Users to Delete Comments or not
          4. Choose to Grade blog or not
        7. Click Submit
      3. Select blog to be linked
      4. Click Next
      5. Blogs can also be accessed through the following:
        1. Go to your course
        2. Click on Course Tools in Control Panel
        3. Click on Blogs

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