University of Southern Indiana


Michael Adcock
Mr. Michael Adcock
Library Computer Services Administrator
Contact: 812-465-1653
Robert D. Orr Center 0060

Juzar Ahmed
Mr. Juzar Ahmed
Academic Services Coordinator
Contact: 812-465-7160
Liberal Arts Center 0116

David Alexander
Mr. David Alexander
Interim Director of Enterprise Solutions
Contact: 812-465-1680
Robert D. Orr Center 0058

Larry Back
Mr. Larry Back
Academic Services Analyst
Contact: 812-465-7181
Liberal Arts Center 0116

Steven Baker
Mr. Steven Baker
Network/Telecommunications Technician III
Contact: 812-465-7180
Robert D. Orr Center 0046

Jamie Beam
Mr. Jamie Beam
Audio Visual Technician III
Contact: 812-464-1787
Forum Wing, Administration Building 038

Nick Bebout
Mr. Nick Bebout
Systems Administrator
Contact: 812-465-1033
Robert D. Orr Center 057D

Rick Beury
Mr. Rick Beury
Applications Administrator
Contact: 812-464-1965
Robert D. Orr Center 073B

Vicki Bierley
Ms. Vicki Bierley
IT Inventory Associate
Contact: 812-464-1944
Robert D. Orr Center 008

Andrew Black
Mr. Andrew Black
Production Coordinator
Contact: 812-465-1075
Forum Wing, Administration Building 056

Brad  Bridgewater
Mr. Brad Bridgewater
Desktop Support Technician III
Contact: 812-465-7191
Health Professions Center 2029

Darrin Burns
Mr. Darrin Burns
Desktop Support Technician I
Contact: 812-465-1143
David L. Rice Library 3016

Debbie Butler
Mrs. Debbie Butler
Information Technology Operations Manager
Contact: 812-464-1897
Robert D. Orr Center 0049

Jeffery Choate
Mr. Jeffery Choate
Senior Applications Administrator
Contact: 812-464-1959
Robert D. Orr Center 57B

Anastasia (Stacy) Draper
Mrs. Anastasia (Stacy) Draper
Deputy Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer
Contact: 812-465-1063
Robert D. Orr Center 047

Mary Drury
Mrs. Mary Drury
Network Manager
Contact: 812-464-1976
Robert D. Orr Center 0067

David Estel
Mr. David Estel
Lead Desktop Support Technician
Contact: 812-465-7189
Robert D. Orr Center 0008

Randall Feller
Mr. Randall Feller
Audio Visual Technician II
Contact: 812-461-5286
Forum Wing, Administration Building 041

Walter Fisher
Mr. Walter Fisher
Applications Administrator
Contact: 812-461-5389
Forum Wing, Administration Building 041

Teresa Grisham
Mrs. Teresa Grisham
Software Developer/Analyst
Contact: 812-465-1207
Forum Wing, Administration Building 190

Jason Guerin
Mr. Jason Guerin
Database Administrator
Contact: 812-461-5327
Robert D. Orr Center 057A

Darrell Hamilton
Mr. Darrell Hamilton
Senior Software Developer/Analyst
Contact: 812-461-5349
Forum Wing, Administration Building 184

Justin Hill
Mr. Justin Hill
Senior Software Developer/Analyst
Contact: 812-461-5484
Forum Wing, Administration Building 189

Shannon Hoehn
Ms. Shannon Hoehn
Applications Administrator
Contact: 812-461-5299
Robert D. Orr Center 3066C

Gigie Hyneman
Ms. Gigie Hyneman
Computer Installation Technician
Contact: 812-464-5234
Forum Wing, Administration Building 048

G. Jim Jones
Mr. G. Jim Jones
Senior Systems Administrator
Contact: 812-461-5402
Robert D. Orr Center 0088

Connie Keeling
Mr. Connie Keeling
Broadcast Engineer
Contact: 812-465-1204
Forum Wing, Administration Building 041

Lee Keitel
Mr. Lee Keitel
Network Administrator
Contact: 812-228-5178
Robert D. Orr Center 0061

Paul Kinner
Mr. Paul Kinner
Computer Maintenance Technician
Contact: 812-465-1254
Liberal Arts Center 3093

David LeRoy
Mr. David LeRoy
Distance Learning Producer/Director
Contact: 812-464-1713
Forum Wing, Administration Building 041

Angela Martin
Ms. Angela Martin
Help Desk Assistant
Contact: 812-465-1299
Forum Wing, Administration Building 041

Jason Maxwell
Mr. Jason Maxwell
Senior Applications Administrator
Contact: 812-461-5256
Liberal Arts Center 0116

Michael Mikulski
Mr. Michael Mikulski
Audio Visual Technician III
Contact: 812-228-5096
Forum Wing, Administration Building 041

Jim Prior
Mr. Jim Prior
Principal Software Developer/Analyst
Contact: 812-464-1929
Forum Wing, Administration Building 187

Tyler Rapp
Mr. Tyler Rapp
Help Desk Technician I
Contact: 812-464-1912
Forum Wing, Administration Building 041

Linda Rhodes
Mrs. Linda Rhodes
Senior Administrative Assistant
Contact: 812-461-5428
Forum Wing, Administration Building 041

Timothy Risley
Mr. Timothy Risley
Senior Systems Administrator
Contact: 812-461-5335
Robert D. Orr Center 0073C

Kimberly Rollett
Mrs. Kimberly Rollett
Help Desk Supervisor
Contact: 812-465-1080
Forum Wing, Administration Building 041

Carol Schmitt
Mrs. Carol Schmitt
Senior Systems Administrator
Contact: 812-464-1987
Robert D. Orr Center 0057C

Sheila Smith
Mrs. Sheila Smith
Help Desk Assistant
Contact: 812-461-5399
Forum Wing, Administration Building 041

James Stanley
Mr. James Stanley
Network / Telecommunications Technician III
Contact: 812-465-1684
Robert D. Orr Center 0008

Robert Threet
Mr. Robert Threet
Systems Manager
Contact: 812-465-1082
Robert D. Orr Center 0089

Richard Toeniskoetter
Mr. Richard Toeniskoetter
Chief Information Officer
Contact: 812-464-1733
Forum Wing, Administration Building 058

Laurel Wilson
Mrs. Laurel Wilson
Library Computer Systems Technician
Contact: 812-465-7008
David L. Rice Library 3016

Lance Woods
Mr. Lance Woods
Interim Director of IT Infrastructure
Contact: 812-461-5468
Forum Wing, Administration Building 054

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