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Study Abroad Photo Submission Form

The Center for International Programs appreciates your interest in submitting photos from your study abroad experience. It is a pleasure for us to share your activities, academics, housing, friendships, and food with students interested in studying abroad or looking to visit your location. Please complete the Study Abroad Photo Submission questionnaire to submit your photos. The Center for International Programs will likely use your photos for online media purposes, decoration, and to share with others. 

Please read the text below thoroughly. Only with your permission may we accept and use or distribute your photos. You are eligible to submit your photos to our archive without giving us permission to share your photos with others or for promotional purposes. In order to be considered for any and all photo contests, you must agree to the media release located in the survey. 

By submitting photos to the USI Center for International Programs, I grant the University of Southern Indiana the absolute and irrevocable right and permission, with respect to photographs or video taken of me and/or comments made by me or in which I may be included with others, to copyright for same; to use, reuse and publish the same, in whole or in part, in any and all media including use on the Internet, now or hereafter, and for any purpose whatever for illustration, promotion, art, advertising and trade, and social media, and if appropriate, to use my name and pertinent education and/or biographical facts as the University of Southern Indiana chooses. 

I hereby release and discharge the University of Southern Indiana from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of photographs, video, and/or comments, including without limitation any and all claims for libel or invasion of privacy.

Anyone wishing not to participate in photo or video shoots is advised either to inform the photography/videographer or to remove him or herself from the area in question. 

I am of full age and have the right to contract in my own name. I have read the foregoing and fully understand its contents. This release shall be binding on me and my heirs, legal representative and assigns.      

If you have any questions regarding the details of the photo release, you may contact the Center for International Program at, or the University Communications Department at (812)465-7130. Agreement to the release is located in the Study Abroad Photo Submission form.  

Study Abroad Photo Submission Form

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