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Upcoming Events

October 19
Eagles Night Out: Bloktoberfest
5 p.m.
Jennings Court
In case of rain: Community Center

Bloktoberfest is an annual German themed festival inspired by Oktoberfest. There will be a drunk goggle course and human battleship, brats and soft pretzels. First 50 people get a free Bloktoberfest t-shirt.

October 22
Culture Not Costume
3:30 p.m.
UC 2207

Come join us and learn about cultural appropriation, appropriate Halloween costumes, and enjoy decorated Rice  krispie treats and Halloween candy! This event counts as an E in CAPE!

October 22
Slide Into Savings
7 p.m.
Rice Library 0018

Come learn from Shawn Robey, Instructor in Finance how to save money in college and discover more about financial diversity! There will be a slider station buffet for all who attend. This event counts as an E for CAPE!

October 23
The Strings of Friendship
4 p.m.
HRL Fishbowl

Students will make friendship bracelets while learning the history of them and how they came to the United States. Earn the letter E for your CAPE!

October 23
RBG Documentary
7 p.m.
Forum 1

Join SHA for a documentary on Ruth Bader Ginsburg's fight for rights for women! This event counts as an E in CAPE! 

October 24
Disability Etiquette
3 p.m.
Carter Hall ABC

Come learn the basics of interacting with individuals with disabilities. There will be FREE COOKIES! Earn the E in CAPE!

October 26
Eagles Night Out:
The House of Grimes
7 p.m.
Grimes Haus and Eicher Barn

Attendees will walk through the Grimes Haus and relive a scary story narrated by housing staff.

There will be a costume contest, games and bonfire food provided by the ROB Area Council.

The first 50 attendees to walk through The House of Grimes will get a free t-shirt!

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