Roommate Agreement/Room Change Process

The goal of the roommate agreement/room change process is to promote proactive communication between the residents. All residents are required to complete a roommate agreement in conjunction with their roommates by the end of the second week of the fall semester.

Resident assistants are a valuable resource when dealing with roommate issues. All RAs are trained and equipped with the skills necessary to help you achieve harmony in your room. However, there are times when a room change may be the best solution. If you have talked with your roommate and consulted your RA and still experience issues, then your area coordinator may consider moving you to a new room/apartment. If it is evident that you have done all you can to resolve your issues, then a room change may be granted based on the availability of spaces. For more information about the process, contact your resident assistant, area coordinator, or the Housing and Residence Life office.

Room Change Schedule
Fall 2018 – begins September 3, 2018, and ends November 26, 2018
Spring 2019 – begins January 21, 2019, and ends March 18, 2019

Housing and Residence may move or reassign students as needed. When there is a vacancy in an apartment or residence hall, students must keep the vacant space clean in order for another student to move in. Housing and Residence Life staff will inspect vacancies to ensure the space is ready and make every attempt to give residents 24 hours notice before a roommate or suitemate moves in.



Housing and Residence Life

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