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Wishing You a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Bright New Year

2018 Holiday Card - Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a bright new year. President Ronald S. and Mrs. Lynn W. Rochon and the University of Southern Indiana
President Ronald S. and Lynn Rochon

President Ronald S. and Mrs. Lynn W. Rochon

About the Design

As we expand our presence throughout the state, region and nation, we also are grounded in our roots. A number of local building materials are utilized throughout the University Center and adjoining Performance Center, for example, these beautiful rosette light fixtures formed from steam-bent, wooden chair legs from the Jasper Chair Company of Jasper, Indiana. Over 3,200 of the wooden legs were assembled and stained to fashion the decorative fixtures. We also think they exude a nice snowflake quality that is perfect for this holiday card.

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