University of Southern Indiana

Women's Health


  • Pap smear only
  • Pap smear w/ Gonorrhea/Chlamydia/Trich testing - collected and sent to an outside lab
  • Gential exam for yeast or bacterial infections

STD Testing

  • GC/CT/Trich - collected and sent to an outside lab
  • Additional testing available
    • HIV
    • RPR
    • Herpes Culture

Birth Control

  • Depo Provera Injections*
  • Condoms are available by request at no charge*
  • Oral contraception*
  • Referral to local GYN physician for devices such as IUD/Implants

*Birth control methods currently dispensed by the University Health Center.

Healthcare providers may write prescriptions for other types of birth control not offered in the University Health Center.

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