University of Southern Indiana

BSN Standard Admission 2019

Application Deadline August 1, 2019

After completion of the first-year required prerequisite courses, pre-nursing students are eligible to apply to the nursing program.  Accepted standard admission students must maintain eligibility by completing all prerequisite second-year courses according to the curriculum.

Admission to the program is competitive and the selection of applicants is based upon the following criteria, with a total maximum possible of 50.5 points:

  • GPA in required first year prerequisite courses x 10 for a maximum possible 40 points.  First year courses used for the GPA are as follows:

           ENG 101 Rhetoric and Composition I                  ENG 201 Rhetoric and Composition II

           BIOL 121 Human Anatomy and Physiology I        MATH 114 Quantitative Reasoning

           BIOL 122 Human Anatomy and Physiology II      CHEM 141 Principles of Chemistry

           PSY 201 Introduction to Psychology                    HP 115  Medical Terminology

           UNIV 101 First Year Experience                          

           CMST 101 or CMS 107 101: Intro to Public Speaking or 107: Interpersonal Communications

           KIN 192 Concepts in Health & Wellness 

  • Additional points for grades in BIOL 121, BIOL 122, and CHEM 141 for a maximum 7.5 points, as follows: A=2.5 pts; B+=2.0 pts; B=1.5 pts; C+=1.0 pts; C=.5 pts.
  • One additional point per each of the three classes BIOL 121, BIOL 122, and CHEM 141 taken at USI for a maximum possible 3 pts.
  • Anatomy and physiology and chemistry course credit must be earned or equivalent competence demonstrated within five years of enrollment in clinical nursing courses.

All Students must have a "C" or better in the below classes in order to be eligible for Nursing:

              BIOL 121               BIOL 122               CMST 101 or 107     PSY 201             

              ENG 101                ENG 201                CHEM 141                

              NUTR 376  Principles and Applications in Nutrition

              BIOL 272 Medical Microbiology

              Social Science/Social Behavior Course

Science Eligibility rule:  Any student who receives more than one 'D' or 'F' in any of the required science or nutrition courses prior to beginning the professional nursing courses is ineligible for the nursing program at USI.

Application Requirements:

  • Acceptance to the University of Southern Indiana as an undergraduate.
  • A 200 word narrative stating your professional goals. Many previous applicants address the reasons they selected nursing as a career, state their current position(s) in nursing, and conclude with a discussion concerning their nursing plans once the BSN is completed.
  • To electronically submit your essay email the document to or use the secure fax (812) 465-7092.

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