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The RN-BSN program classes are all online. Students are expected to participate in online discussions and submit assignments as designated in the course calendar. Planned absences for non-university related activities must be pre-approved by the RN Completion program chair at least one month before the absence. Any assignments missed should be completed before the absence. If the student is absent for an exam, the exam should be taken within 24 hours of return. The student is responsible for contacting the program chair to discuss the absence. The Planned Student Absence form provides documentation of the absence and the plan for completion of course work. If the absence is approved, the student must communicate with each course faculty to plan make-up of missed assignments, clinical, and/or exams. In case of an emergency, contact the course faculty as soon as possible. All course assignments must be completed. If a student does not communicate with faculty and make arrangements for completion of assignments, faculty may deduct from the assignment or exam grade or give a grade of zero for the assignment or exam.

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