University of Southern Indiana

RN-MSN Curriculum

University Core Courses
RN-MSN students can meet the undergraduate core curriculum requirements by transferring or completing courses in the following categories:

Science and Math - 12 hours
Composition and Speech - 9 hours
Ethics, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts - 18 hours
Global Communities and History - 6 hours
Physical Education/Health - 2 credits 

An individualized study plan will be developed after receipt of the student's application and transcripts evaluation.  In preparation for this program, all non-nursing courses must be completed prior to enrollment Nursing 451: Transitions to Advanced Nursing Practice.

Health Professions Courses
HP 302 Health Care Research and Statistics

Nursing Courses
N451 (Transitions) 3
N267 (Assessment)* 3
N367 (EBP) 3
N457 (Population Focused Care)* 4
N487 (Leadership)* 6
Nursing/HP course elective 3

Departmental Exam Credit (after completion of graduate level courses)
IPH 401 (Global Health) 3
Nursing/HP elective 3
N492 (Clinical Synthesis) 4                                    
*Validation or test out opportunity available

Students are required to maintain an unencumbered RN license while enrolled and completing the RN-MSN courses. No student will be allowed to participate in any clinical experiences with an encumbered RN license.

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