University of Southern Indiana

Grading Scale

A= 92-100%   B+=88-91%   B=83-87%   C=74-82%   F=below74%

A grade of B or above, Pass, or In Progress, must be received in each DNP course in order to progress to the next course. A letter grade will be awarded for all DNP courses except the DNP project courses. The project courses will be graded as pass/fail, or In Progress. Input from the Practice Partner will be reviewed when determining the grade for the project courses. The DNP faculty are solely responsible for the assigning the student's grade in all courses.

For the project courses, a grade of In Progress (IP) may be awarded in the event a student is unable to complete the assignments within the course semester. Assigning an Incomplete (IN) grade is not an option for project courses. An IP grade requires enrollment in the same class in successive semesters. An IP grade means the student cannot receive credit for the course under any circumstances without re-enrollment in the course. If a student receives an IP in a DNP project course, progression to the next DNP project course is dependent on the faculty mentor approval.

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