University of Southern Indiana

Dress Code Policy

Student Nurse Uniform

1. The student is responsible for keeping all uniform items clean, neat, well-fitted and in good repair.

2. The USI student nurse uniform includes:


  • Approved red uniform top.
  • Navy uniform skirt or pants
  • White lab jacket with USI logo
  • Uniform and lab coat must be wrinkle free
  • White hosiery or plain white socks may be worn
  • White, navy blue, or black leather shoes - no sandals, clogs, open-toed or sling back shoes
  • USI name badge with picture


  • Approved red uniform top
  • Navy trousers
  • White lab jacket and USI logo
  • Uniform and jacket must be wrinkle free
  • Plain white socks
  • White, nave blue, or black leather shoes - no sandals, clogs, open-toed or sling back shoes
  • USI name badge with picture

3. The student is expected to be well groomed to reflect a positive health image. Hair should be clean and secured so that it will not fall forward. Headbands should be a solid color of red, white, blue, brown, or black; one inch in width; and hold hair in place to promote a professional appearance.

  • Fingernails are to be short, clean, and carefully filed. Only clear finger nail polish may be worn. No artificial nails.
  • Perfumes and colognes must not be worn due to potential client/staff allergic
  • Chewing gum is not permitted.
  • Make up should be lightly applied, if used.

4. No jewelry or body adornments including visible piercings, tongue studs, and nose rings may be worn except a flat wedding ring to promote good aseptic technique, client safety, and protection for rings. Earrings must be one per ear. The earring needs to be small earlobe post, approximately the size of a typed letter "O". In some clinical settings, students may be required to remove all jewelry. Students will be required to cover any visible tattoos not covered by the nursing uniform or lab coat.

5. During clinical experience, the student should have a watch with a second hand, a black ball point pen, paper, penlight, and a stethoscope. NO smart watches may be worn during the clinical experience.

6. Students are required to wear professional attire during all patient care experiences including simulation and anytime the student is representing USI as a nursing student unless directed differently by the instructor. A student may wear the USI clinical uniform or the USI polo shirt and khaki/tan colored pants on a clinical unit for clinical assignments, reviewing a client's medical record, and collecting information for a report. Blue jeans, shorts, halters, etc. are not to be worn to the clinical unit.

7. Students will wear the required USI polo shirt and khaki pants to attend all required educational conferences and selected clinical experiences. All aspects of the dress code should be observed except hair may be worn down and the student may wear jewelry.

8. Faculty approved khaki slacks should be full-length dress slacks. No capris, cargo pants, denim material, draw-string waist or hem, or slacks with cut-outs/lacings, etc. will be allowed. No low-rise waist. The hems of the slacks must be hemmed, no frayed edges, and may not touch the floor.

9. If working as a student nurse employee, the student must adhere to the dress code policy of the employing institution.

10. Students may be dismissed from clinical if not properly attired for their assignment at the discretion of the clinical instructor.


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