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MHA 4 + 1 Option

Benefits of the MHA 4 + 1 Option 

  • The primary goal of the MHA 4 + 1 Option is to prepare students for leadership roles in healthcare. In addition, some students may view the experience as beneficial before pursuing a doctorate or other professional degrees.

  • A pathway for bright, driven, current undergraduate USI students from any discipline to obtain Bachelor + MHA degrees in five years. The program is open to USI undergraduate students of any discipline. A multiplicity of student backgrounds will enhance the graduate learning experience and will increase the diversity of future health care leaders.

Proposed 4 + 1 Option Curriculum Plan

MHA4+1 (4)

Students will begin the MHA 4 + 1 Option in the fall semester of their senior year. They will not be classified as having graduate student status until they complete their undergraduate degree, normally following the spring semester of their senior year.

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