University of Southern Indiana
photos showing Nursing and OT students involved with IPE

Peer-to-Peer Teaching

Nursing, Occupational Therapy

Involving first semester nursing students and master level occupational therapy students. The master level occupational therapy students are content experts on patient transfers, ambulation with assistive devices, and use of mechanical lifts. The master level occupational therapy students taught these skills to first semester nursing students. Both sets of students evaluated the teaching and learning experience through a questionnaire. The outcomes of the project were collaboration and teamwork, development of an effective teaching strategy, increased interprofessional communication, increased competency with skills and improvement in the quality and safety of patient care.


  • Charlotte Connerton, EdD, RN, CNE-BC, Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Susan Bonhotal, MSN, RN, Instructor of Nursing
  • Jessica Mason, OTD, Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy

Dr. Charlotte Connerton and Susan Bonhotal will present the project at the Midwest Interprofessional Practice, Education, and Research Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan in September 2017.

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